Proctoring exams in the Blackboard Learning Management System has never been easier

For Faculty: Simple to integrate and get started


Accommodates any number of exams

  • Integrates with Blackboard
  • Works with any online testing platform
  • Records and reviews in-browser and desktop activities

User Friendly

Enables 24/7 on demand test-taking

  • Provides schedule-free availability
  • Offers 1-click single sign-on access from Blackboard

Cost Effective

  • One year introductory pricing
  • Multi-year discounts available

"It took less than a day to get the ProctorFree Blackboard building block set up and to push my exam information to them. We were testing a week later and I got my results back quickly so I could issue final grades on time. I received feedback from several students who appreciated not having to wait for anything and being able to take their proctored exam whenever they wanted."

- Math Professor

What are the advantages of using ProctorFree?

Online exam proctoring benefits to the institution, faculty, and students. By implementing a proctoring solution, institutions ensure academic integrity and quality in a convenient student-friendly format; providing answers to important accreditation compliance questions while improving learning. Faculty are provided with a convenient, efficient tool to help evaluate student learning and performance while protecting the instructor's exam content and intellectual property. Students receive convenience to take their exam anywhere, any time, and a higher quality degree and educational experience.

Eliminate brick and mortar testing centers and remote proctoring agreements with an easy to use automated solution. ProctorFree improves your institution's online education offerings by eliminating the hassles associated with traditional proctoring, and we do it at a fraction of the cost.

Super slick Student Experience

Student Process using ProctorFree

Step 1


Sign into your school's Blackboard Portal

Step 2


Select the exam you would like to take

Step 3


Authenticate against your profile and start your proctored session

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