Edtech is Fueling the Growth of Nontraditional Students in Higher Ed with Flexibility and Accessibility. Adult, nontraditional students are already a major part of the education landscape, and their growth is not slowing down. As the number of adult students rise, edtech plays an ever-increasing role in helping these nontraditional learners succeed. Adult learning requires

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UPCEA/Pearson Survey Draws Attention to the Challenge Facing Alternative Credentials. “The root of the word ‘credential’ is credence, and the value offered by credibility is only possible when credentials are based on a foundation of solid learning and assessment design, backed by trusted, experienced learning organizations.” -Jim Fong, Director, UPCEA Center for Research and Marketing Strategy


ProctorFree Welcomes Sarah Smith

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Improving Our Communication with Partners and Friends. ProctorFree is excited to welcome Sarah Smith to the team. As Marketing Coordinator, Sarah’s main focus will be managing projects and executing marketing functions. She will manage ProctorFree’s communication tools (follow us on Twitter and like us on Facebook), and also ensure our communication effectiveness. Sarah is a

Cheaters in China Now Threatened With Jail Time. For the first time in the nation’s history, Chinese high schoolers are now facing potential criminal charges if they cheat on the “Gaokao”, the equivalent of the SAT in the United States. China is fighting a growing cheating industry that utilizes everything from sit in “student” item

Succeed in Online Classes

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Tips for Success from The State News Pursuing an online class can also be an exciting and challenging task many college students. The MSU Department of Psychology suggests “taking an online class requires just as much time and effort as a class on campus.” In fact, many students find that online classes can take a