Student enrollment for online classes is steadily increasing. Is this because students prefer online studies? Or is lower cost the motivating factor? The Prospector, student news from University of Texas at El Paso, released an article viewing both sides of the spectrum. Institutions are just like any other business; they want to continually grow. Online

Many professors, as well as students, have questioned the validity of online classes that are flooding into higher education. Professors are worried this transition will hinder students in their learning and degrade overall quality of diplomas. This is creating a barrier to the widespread adoption of MOOC delivered online courses by universities. The article, “Online

Why are colleges turning to online courses to grow their student base? There are plenty of reasons. Here are a few: More students need access to content and want to graduate on time. Nearly half of all undergrads require remedial work prior to regular credit classes. This initial hurdle can lead to significant discouragement in

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In a previous blog post about Coursera we covered the rapid increase in enrollments online MOOCs have been receiving. The model of cheap or free education for everyone paired with top quality course content has driven knowledge hungry students from all backgrounds into this space. One of the main issues still remains though. How do