Charlotte Observer interviewed MyLearningID on Monday, June 17th, regarding their latest news of winning the $40,000 grant from NC IDEA.  The article touches on backgrounds of co-founders Velvet Nelson and Mike Murphy. Velvet and Mike expressed their hopes about moving forward in an effort to provide institutions the answer to prevent online cheating.  To view

NC IDEA Awards High-Growth Technology Startup: ProctorFree   NC IDEA, an organization committed to supporting business innovation and economic advancement in North Carolina, has chosen ProctorFree as a grant winner for the Spring 2013 grant cycle. Recipients are chosen after a highly competitive four-month application and selection process, which drew 159 applications from 24 counties

For the past three months, ProctorFree has been part of the RevTech Labs incubator program housed at Packard Place in Charlotte, NC. When we were accepted into the program in February, we had an idea that we thought was good. We knew a handful of people in the startup community through a couple of networking

NC IDEA, a non-profit organization committed to supporting business innovation and economic development in North Carolina, has selected ProctorFree as a finalist for the Spring 2013 Grant Cycle. ProctorFree is 1 of 11 finalists and the only company from the Charlotte region to move forward in the competition. The finalists were chosen after a rigorous

We want to thank the folks over at DetailedBlock for sitting down with us to discuss online, higher education, mooc’s, and the first release of our product. You can read the entire article here: