Sailing Towards Success with Online Proctoring

Last week, ProctorFree continued the Fall Conference season with the Texas Blackboard Users Group Conference in League City, TX. The two-day conference on November 10 and November 11 brought together members of the Blackboard community to network and discuss their Blackboard experience and to reimagine online education.

Sessions on both days highlighted what is next for Blackboard and how others in the higher education and online learning communities are sailing towards success. “T-BUG provided a wealth of knowledge related to Blackboard,” said Velvet Nelson, Co-Founder and Chief Learning Officer at ProctorFree. “It was fantastic to take part in a great networking event and learn more about the different ways Texas Blackboard schools are reimagining online education.” (more…)

Celebrating Veterans Day

Thursday, 10 November 2016 by

Co-Founder Mike Murphy Reflects on his Path to ProctorFree

Today, ProctorFree is celebrating Veterans Day and honoring veterans both in the ProctorFree family and beyond. ProctorFree is both led and supported by veterans. Mike Murphy, Co-Founder and Chief Operating Officer, served as an Intelligence Analyst in the U.S. Army before transitioning into the entrepreneurial space. ProctorFree also salutes Jon and Chris Boggiano of VersaMe, and Brandon Shelton of Task Force X Capital Management; key members of the ProctorFree leadership team and US Army veterans.

Mike Murphy joined the startup community after being introduced to Jon and Chris Boggiano, Co-Founders of Everblue, which grew to be the nation’s leading accredited school for sustainability related education. Before working at Everblue for the Boggianos, Mike served in various roles as an Intelligence Analyst, and later worked as a Defense Contractor on projects related to Biometrics Enabled Intelligence. Mike was interested in learning from the Boggianos and seeing how his skills as an Intelligence Analyst could transition into marketing. “I am very comfortable around other veterans and a startup is a familiar environment. It’s mission focused,” Mike says of the start of his entrepreneurial career.

As Mike transitioned from Everblue to founding ProctorFree with Velvet Nelson, he realized the extent to which his time serving in the military translated well into startups. He says, “The military helped me live with a baseline of stress and being able to run projects in parallel. I like challenges and a bit of discomfort in a work environment.” Mike enjoys that the startup world is more fast-paced and agile than the military in some respects. “It is possible to pivot a lot faster in the startup world. In larger organizations, you cannot do that as often.”

When reflecting back on the start of ProctorFree and the importance of veterans to the company, Mike recalls the first phone call he and Velvet received. It was from a veteran who found the ProctorFree website through an organic search. It was a very special moment for Mike and ProctorFree, who love providing the tools to help both veterans and non-veterans necessary to work hard pursuing and earning a degree.

ProctorFree celebrates the service of all veterans and we are proud to be led and supported by veterans.

distance learning student

Spotlight on National Distance Learning Week

We are back with more great articles about higher education and online learning. Here are the articles we most enjoyed reading and sharing this week; covering subjects including National Distance Learning Week, the use of student data, Veteran’s Day, and more in online learning.

Celebrating National Distance Learning Week – ProctorFree

In celebration of National Distance Learning Week, we are sharing why distance learning is important to our Co-Founder and Chief Learning Officer Velvet Nelson and how ProctorFree will continue to support its growth. “ProctorFree is taking the complications out of testing, making distance learning more convenient and accessible, protecting the course and exam integrity, and giving it the same reputation as a traditional class,” says Velvet; who believes distance learning’s disruption of higher education is just beginning to be felt. “We support distance learning, we know it is the future of education, and we will do anything we can to help it grow.”

Survey: Students Think Schools Should Use Personal Data to Improve College Experience – Campus Technology

The results of a recent survey show that students already share large amounts of personal data with their schools, and in return they expect their schools to use that data in ways that benefit them. The online survey from Ellucian Analytics and Wakefield Research found that of 1,000 US college students, 77% think that schools should do a better job of using their personal data to improve the college experience. Campus Technology discusses the various survey results that indicate that students expect their institutions to utilize their personal information to improve the academic process.



Join the Next Generation of Online Proctoring at OLC Accelerate 2016

ProctorFree will be attending OLC Accelerate Conference in Orlando, FL from November 16-18, 2016. OLC Accelerate is a three-day annual conference that brings together the brightest minds in online education.

ProctorFree looks forward to engaging with current partners and making new connections with online learning leaders at OLC Accelerate. The conference is the ultimate place to network with and learn from peers in all areas of online, and higher, education. (more…)

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