ProctorFree is Committed to the Future Growth of Distance Learning

velvet-nelson-National-Distance-Learning-WeekIn celebration of National Distance Learning Week, we are sharing why distance learning is important to our Co-Founder and Chief Learning Officer Velvet Nelson and how ProctorFree will continue to support its growth.

Velvet, who has been working in higher education for over 10 years, originally fell in love with distance learning because it was a way to get education to the masses. She believes that distance learning is an innovative approach to allowing nontraditional students to get the same access to education as traditional students.

While working at Everblue Training Institute, Velvet and Mike Murphy, Co-Founder of ProctorFree, realized there was a pain point in distance learning: test-taking. Students of Everblue could take classes online, but still needed to figure out the logistics of taking an exam to receive credit for their courses. ProctorFree was founded to provide distance learning students, like those Velvet and Mike met while delivering online courses, with the access to convenient, easy test-taking. (more…)


ProctorFree and Blackboard Reimagine Online Education Together

ProctorFree will be attending the annual Texas Blackboard Users Group Conference in League City, TX from November 10-11, 2016. The T-BUG Conference is a two-day event that brings together members of the Blackboard community to network and discuss their Blackboard experience and various higher education hot topics.

ProctorFree looks forward to discussing online education and more with both familiar and new faces. Texas is home to some of ProctorFree’s favorite partners and a great place to make new connections. Conferences such as T-BUG are the perfect place to both strengthen and create partnerships. (more…)


Spotlight on Edtech Tools and The End of Average

We are back with more great articles about higher education and online learning. Here are the articles we most enjoyed reading and sharing this week; covering subjects including new edtech tools, the end of average, reasons to consider a local online degree program, and more in online learning.

Dyslexia Teachers Using Technology to Help Kids Love Reading – eSchool News

Bookshare, the world’s largest digital library, is helping students with dyslexia read without frustration. There is no state funding for dyslexia programs and Bookshare fills that void by providing a free option for all students with a qualified disability. Leslie Patterson, a licensed dyslexia teacher at Griffis Elementary School in Caddo Mills, TX, received a grant last year that provided her students with iPads, allowing them to access Bookshare at all times. eSchool News focuses on how Bookshare and other edtech tools can help students with disabilities.

U.S. Ed Department Launches Free Online Tool to Rapidly Evaluate Ed Tech Products – The Journal

Ed Tech Rapid Cycle Evaluation (RCE) Coach is a free, openly licensed, web-based platform that provides resources and support to guide the purchase of edtech tools. The US Education Department’s Office of Educational Technology partnered with Matematica to build a tool that guides practitioners in defining their desired outcomes, designing pilots, and conducting their own analysis to make confident purchases and renewal decisions of edtech tools. The Journal reports that the goal of the new tool is to improve the edtech procurement and implementations process. (more…)

The Next Generation of Online Proctoring Takes Off with Brightspace by D2L

ProctorFree is excited to announce our new integration with Brightspace by D2L. Our proctoring solution for Brightspace by D2L courses and exams ensures academic integrity while empowering students. Brightspace by D2L is the latest Learning Management System with which ProctorFree integrates with minimal setup.


ProctorFree’s new Brightspace integration features single sign-on and an Instructor Control Panel that allows for designation of proctoring exams, practice exams, and assignments of user roles.

Brightspace by D2L is an LMS that goes hand-in-hand with The Next Generation of Online Proctoring. The learning experience is different for each student and instructor; Brightspace provides an exceptional experience for each user. ProctorFree integrates with Brightspace by D2L to empower students by providing an exceptional test-taking experience and to assist instructors with comprehensive reporting.

Learn more about our new integration with Brightspace by D2L and Join the Next Generation of Online Proctoring. Contact Us or Request a Demo.

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