Spotlight on the Best Online Colleges and Edtech Initiatives

We are back with more great articles about higher education and online learning. Here are the articles we most enjoyed reading and sharing this week; covering subjects including the best online colleges, a connected school bus initiative, and more in online learning.

Best Online Colleges: Ranking Top Universities for 2016-2017 – Affordable Colleges Online

Fort Hays State University is ranked as the top online university, going above and beyond to ensure that each online student has all the tools, support, and opportunities that an on-campus student has. The Virtual College at Fort Hays State University offers more than 40 degrees completely online. Affordable Colleges Online ranks the top 50 online higher education institutions.

Texas District Launches Connected School Buses – eSchool News

The Huntsville Independent School District in Texas is deploying wi-fi and real-time monitoring on school buses to extend learning and create safe environments for students. Many students in the 650 square mile district live in rural, disconnected areas. Presidio partners with the district to create buses that enhance the quality of life for students. eSchool News reports how the district’s bus solution is part of their initiative to build a smart and connected community. (more…)


Understand All the Symptoms Before Making a Diagnosis

When an ill patient has an appointment seeking a diagnosis, a trusted doctor will go through all the symptoms with the patient before drawing a conclusion. A doctor will conduct the thorough evaluation in a fast and efficient manner. Instructors in higher education go through a similar process when drawing conclusions on the academic integrity of a student. To determine the integrity and honor of a student, an instructor looks at the entire performance of the student during an exam. In online education, instructors benefit immensely from analyzing comprehensive reports of exam takers’ behaviors. ProctorFree provides instructors with all the information about a student’s exam so that an informed decision can be made about any potential violations of a school’s honor code, in a fast and efficient manner.

With ProctorFree, instructors accurately evaluate student learning outcomes in a fraction of the time. Full exam session video, screenshots of the student’s screen, and a timeline indicating when potential suspicious behavior occurred allow instructors to confidently draw conclusions about the student learning outcome. Questionable student behavior is flagged and presented to the instructor. (more…)


Spotlight on Online Education and CBE

We are back with more great articles about higher education and online learning. Here are the articles we most enjoyed reading and sharing this week; covering subjects including high school online learning pathways, CBE programs, big data and more in higher education and online learning.

How a Rural Alaska School District with Shrinking Enrollment Kept its Class Offerings Up – Online – Alaska Dispatch News

The Copper Valley school district in Glenallen, Alaska is successfully using online education to combat a shrinking high school student population. High school students can choose from over 350 online courses and teachers can use two-way video conferencing to teach at multiple schools. Alaska Dispatch News reports that teachers and administrators are viewing their decreasing student population as a chance to innovate, rather than as a destructive challenge.

Behind the Scenes of Online Proctoring: What happens in the operating room of ProctorFree? – ProctorFree

When taking online exams with a proctoring solution, students often question how the solution is actually ensuring academic integrity. Let’s demystify how ProctorFree holds its exam takers to a high standard of honesty and integrity. Step into the operating room of ProctorFree and learn how we analyze 100% of every proctored exam session. (more…)


Spotlight on Online Proctoring

We are back with more great articles about higher education and online learning. Here are the articles we most enjoyed reading and sharing this week; covering subjects including online proctoring, traditional versus nontraditional students, and more in online learning.

The Placebo Effect of Online Proctoring – Eduventures

Cheating in online courses is on the decline due to online proctoring solutions. While various proctoring technologies provide only a short-term solution, or a placebo effect, to academic dishonesty, Eduventures recognizes that ProctorFree’s commitment to analyzing 100% of proctored exam sessions is not an environment where students should press their luck by testing the system.

Answering the Bell: ProctorFree Provides a Lasting Online Proctoring Solution – ProctorFree

ProctorFree provides a proctoring solution that delivers a permanent remedy to the problem of academic dishonestly in online assessments. As part of our processes to ensure a lasting solution, ProctorFree analyzes 100% of every exam session, and students know that they are being held to a high standard of academic integrity at all times. We demonstrate that online proctoring does work. (more…)

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