Behind the Scenes of Online Proctoring

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What happens in the operating room of ProctorFree?

When taking online exams with a proctoring solution, students often question how the solution is actually ensuring academic integrity. Let’s demystify how ProctorFree holds its exam takers to a high standard of honesty and integrity. Step into the operating room of ProctorFree and learn how we analyze 100% of every proctored exam session.

Sessions are first subjected to an automated analysis by our industry-leading analytics software. The analytics review evaluates each exam taker’s behavior, based largely on their interaction with the computer and their environment relative to expected exam taking behavior. Exam takers also undergo persistent facial recognition analysis, which confirms their identity matches our student profile of record. This automated audit analyzes 100% of the exam sessions proctored in our solution. (more…)

Answering the Bell

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ProctorFree Provides a Lasting Online Proctoring Solution

ProctorFree provides a proctoring solution that delivers a permanent remedy to the problem of academic dishonesty in online assessments. We are committed to ensuring academic integrity while providing an exceptional student experience. As part of our processes to ensure a lasting solution, ProctorFree analyzes 100% of every exam session, and students know that they are being monitored at all times.

ProctorFree analyzes 100% of every proctored session.

ProctorFree thoroughly analyzes 100% of every recorded exam session. Each exam session undergoes a comprehensive review process, including automated and human audits, before we report our findings back to our partner institution. Many exams are subject to additional review prior to reporting back to the school and instructor.

We are very proud of the quality and thoroughness of our analysis and reporting. We will continue to hold ourselves to a high standard of quality and integrity – as do our partners in higher education.

Students know that they are being monitored at all times.

We take a number of measures to ensure that students clearly know their behaviors and actions are being monitored at all times. We require that each student agree to an honor code statement prior to the exam session launch. We recognize that it is important to clearly communicate processes, and show both faculty and students that online proctoring works. As a critical step in ProctorFree’s process, students agree to the following statement: “I understand that my actions are being recorded and I agree to submit to this recording and evaluation as part of (UNIVERSITY)’s honor code.”

As a critical visible reminder to the students that they are being monitored at all times, ProctorFree provides a persistent mirror on the exam-taker’s computer.

We demonstrate every day that online proctoring does work. And, it works over the long-term. We will continue to provide you with exceptional insight into every exam taker’s behavior and performance on your online exams, in an efficient, comprehensive, cost-effective, and scalable manner.

Interested in learning more about how ProctorFree really works? Contact us or Register Now for our October 27 webinar on the Next Generation of Online Proctoring.


Build Innovation and Growth in Higher Education with ProctorFree

ProctorFree will be attending and presenting at the Annual UPCEA South Region Conference in Dallas, TX from October 13 to 15, 2016.

Eric McGee, Vice President of Partnership Development at ProctorFree, is excited to connect with colleagues and old UPCEA South friends. Eric is a member of the conference planning committee, and has had the opportunity to preview many of the showcase presentations and speakers. He’ll also be presenting at the conference on Friday morning.

Eric’s presentation with James Madison University’s Kathleen Gibson will challenge participants to improve their programs through serving all types of customers, including internal customers. Build innovation and growth through learning how to serve those coworkers and colleagues who may not be your end users, but who may depend on or benefit from your services.

Think BIG: Build Innovation and Growth in higher education with ProctorFree. Attend Eric’s presentation at 9:30 AM on Friday, October 14.

If you cannot attend the presentation, stop by the ProctorFree booth and learn more about building successful programs through serving internal customers. Contact us to set up a meeting at UPCEA South or to schedule a personal demonstration.

Interested in after-hours networking? A group of conference attendees are planning a trip to the Dallas Stars’ season opening game on Thursday evening. Stop by the ProctorFree booth or contact Eric for details.


The New Learning Experience and The Role of EdTech Tools

On Friday, September 30, 2016, ProctorFree kicked off our Fall Conference schedule with the Western New York Blackboard Users Group eLearning Day. The conference brought together over a hundred educators, administrators, and online learning stakeholders at Hilbert College in Hamburg, NY to share their insights on The New Learning Experience.

The keynote presentation showcased what is next for Blackboard’s teaching and learning solutions. Terianne Sousa of Blackboard discussed the ways educators and administrators can utilize the large variety of edtech tools available to create an excellent education for today’s students. (more…)

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