Spotlight on Accreditation and Innovation in Online Learning

This week’s news was filled with great stories about online and higher education. Here are the articles we most enjoyed reading and sharing this week; covering accreditation, innovation, and more in online learning.

How Community Colleges Can Combine Digital Innovation and Human Connection – EdSurge

Community colleges face complex challenges in their often-diverging missions and roles. Unfortunately, solutions are brought to the table that often do not improve the learning experience of students. EdSurge discusses how digital innovation is a solution that improves student engagement and learning. Digital innovation enables the monitoring of homework and evaluations that students perceive as less judgmental and provides a frequent feedback loop between faculty and learners.

Digital Badges and Academic Transformation – Educause Review

With lower costs and greater access, digital badges are on track to outpace traditional degree programs. Educause Review highlights the recent UPCEA report on alternative credentials that we wrote about in a previous blog post. Illinois State University Honors Program and Oregon Tech online are trailblazing in setting an example for why higher education institutions, and in turn employers, should value digital badges.


What We’re Reading

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Spotlight on Online Education’s Continuing Growth

The ProctorFree team loves reading and sharing interesting and thought-provoking articles about higher education and edtech, and we know that you do too. Here are the articles we most enjoyed reading and sharing this week.

For Higher Ed CIOs Navigating Tight Budgets, Relationships Matter Most – EducationDIVE

Higher education institutions are in a financial crunch currently and CIOs, through effective communication, can express to decision makers how innovative technology can factor into a student’s decision to attend the school. Investment in edtech will only occur though through strong relationships between CIOs and other higher education leaders. CIOs must present their IT needs to leaders of institutions through a business perspective. EducationDIVE calls attention to the challenges CIOs and their institutions currently face.

Why Continuing Education Programs Are Poised to Become Hubs of Innovation – EdSurge

Nontraditional programs are the perfect place for both launching and testing new, innovation, learning ideas. Higher education institutions that take full advantage of the opportunity within Continuing Education programs will have a leg above those institutions that do not. EdSurge focuses on how Continuing Education programs can experiment with innovative learning models and programs because of their relative autonomy. (more…)

Celebrating Online Learning Day

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Why Online Learning Matters to the ProctorFree Team

In celebration of National Online Learning Day, we are sharing why online learning is important to each one of us. We are proud to do what we do here at ProctorFree and we are committed to improving the ever-growing online learning community. Today, we reflect on the past, think about the present, and celebrate the future of online learning.

“Online learning is important because it is helping great institutions solve problems while they help train and educate our society and the emerging workforce. Building things and helping solve problems is fun and rewarding. We are helping people get credit for all the hard work they put into studying and pursuing their goals.” – Mike Murphy, Co-Founder & COO

“Had it not been for online learning, I would not have been able to earn my Master’s. Online learning allowed me to earn my degree while working. Earning my degree then opened up huge opportunities for me and eventually led to the creation of ProctorFree.” – Velvet Nelson, Co-Founder & CLO



Edtech is Fueling the Growth of Nontraditional Students in Higher Ed with Flexibility and Accessibility.

Adult, nontraditional students are already a major part of the education landscape, and their growth is not slowing down. As the number of adult students rise, edtech plays an ever-increasing role in helping these nontraditional learners succeed. Adult learning requires convenient and easy to use tools that enhance their education experience.  Finding a work, life, and education balance isn’t easy. But, edtech can help by providing reliable, convenient tools that ensure student success.

The adult, nontraditional student typically has a different class schedule than that of the traditional student. And, schedule conflicts arise beyond the class schedule. Take, for example, proctored exams – an area in which we have significant experience. Our data tells us that most students take their exams outside of normal business hours; often later in the evenings. Some of our heaviest use time is at night, well after traditional testing centers are closed. And, bands of heavy use times can make it difficult for students to schedule time with a live proctor. But, exams are just one example of the scheduling challenges these nontraditional students face. Consider the challenges of coordinating group projects, attending office hours, or peer-to-peer learning and networking opportunities; all of which play a critical role in the growth and development of our students.


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