A new startup out of France has a cool new device to view your phone…and everyone is freaking out! Cicret, (pronounced secret…I guess since this other app is named Secret they got a little clever with the spelling. And even that Secret had to get a URL with .ly!) is an app connected to a bracelet,

I spent the better part of last week in Baltimore for the Quality Matters 6th Annual Meeting. Now I have been traveling to lots of conferences this year for ProctorFree, but this one was quite different. I think it has to do with some of their incredibly people. There was the typical keynote sessions and

Just yesterday we came across a well done post on MiddleWeb as part of their “New Teacher Series” titled “What an Effective Teacher’s Classroom Looks Like.” The article is worth the click. The authors, Annette Breaux and Todd Whitaker, lay out bullet points, or rather tangible pieces, of ineffective and effective teaching behaviors, environments, and pedagogy. Naturally,

24 medical students at the University of Adelaide, Australia, were implicated in a cheating scandal involving iPads. The 14 fifth-year medicine students admitted their participation and 10 others were discovered after the University performed a forensic investigation. Three of the students are to sit for an extra examination while 21 students will suffer a 10%

Can cheating among students be reduced if students are given the right motivation not to? When students cheat it’s considered the student’s fault. People rarely trace cheating back to teacher failure or inadequacy of approach. James M. Lang, Associate Professor of English at Assumption College, in his book, Cheating Lessons: Learning From Academic Dishonesty, asserts

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