In 2010, Noyes Education Campus principal, Adell Cothorne, instantly gets the word out regarding a cheating incident where teachers were erasing and correcting students’ test answers arbitrarily. The District of Columbia Schools chancellor learns about it within 24 hours but doesn’t initiate any probe into the matter. Emails retrieved from 2010 by the Associated Press,

Students at Scottish Universities, including Glasgow and Aberdeen, developed resourceful exam-cheating methods. An undergraduate students had answers written on tissue paper and then checked them in the university’s toilets. According to Daily Record, since 2011, 353 cheating incidents were revealed, with the suggestion of more remaining unexposed. The cheating strategies employed in university exams in

92 US nuclear missile officers implicated in a growing exam cheating scandal. One of US’s three nuclear missile wings that oversee inter-continental missiles has been implicated in a cheating scandal. 92 Malmstrom Air Force Base officers in Montana have had their certifications revoked and are no longer attending their missile management responsibilities. The scandal was

Kapiolani Community College has made significant changes to its testing policies for their Radiologic Technology Program because of a student grievance that uncovered highly technical cheating. A photographed image of a test was circulated via email to students enrolled in the program recently. The report did not indicate how or when the photo was taken. One

Ongoing investigations on the Philadelphia cheating scandal resulted in the firing of three high school principals who’ve been implicated. Cheating allegations on standardized test exams from 2009 to 2011 spurred a statewide probing of Philadelphia schools’. State prosecution begun in 2011 after information have been obtained regarding extensive cheating by teachers and principals in numerous