The former principal of Kennedy Middle School in Atlanta is the third in a row to plead guilty in the infamous, Atlanta cheating scandal. In spring 2013, 35 teachers, principals and administrative personnel were indicted on cheating charges for manipulating students’ test scores. Hearings are ongoing. The defendants either concealed cheating practices performed by others

As 2013 comes to a close, we thought we would take some time to review some of the top cheating scandals that we blogged about over the year. While it may seem redundant, we think it’s important to take a look and see how students, teachers, and administrators find ways to cheat the system. If

Two students and one alumnus were involved in a cheating scandal at the Florida International University. The alumnus allegedly hacked into a professor’s email account and obtained the exam paper, and the other two FIU students distributed the test to interested students for up to $150 a piece. The 30-year old alumnus, hacked the said

Students at the University of Colorado Denver allegedly paid others to pass their online classes for them. The University is now looking into these cheating allegations after the issue has been making the rounds in the local news. Wealthy students from overseas are thought to have other people take their classes for them. A man

A race against the clock to regain public trust is taking place at the Basic Law Enforcement Academy in Washington. After allegations of a cheating scandal have been revealed, the Washington State Patrol announced its preliminary investigations on the matter. It has been discovered that recruits were sharing test information through an informal and illegal