Going to conferences can sometimes be hit-or-miss as an exhibitor. Attendance is usually an estimated number, the exhibit hall might have an awkward layout, and you can get poor table placement. None of that happened last week – NCTA14 rocked! The organizers did a fantastic job with the layout of the hall, we weren’t cramped, and

Conquer the First Year of College

Thursday, 04 September 2014 by

Dear College Freshmen, Congrats on entering your first year of college! The staff at ProctorFree went on a mental time machine back to our Freshman years, and made a list of some of the things we would have changed. Learn from some of our shortcomings, and make your first year one for the books! Be

Nothing gets me going like preparing for a conference. The anticipation of the keynotes, relentless scrolling of session descriptions to plan my schedule, and of course, the exhibitor’s SWAG. Next week (September 4-6) our team is heading to NCTA 2014 in Denver, and the theme is “Mining for Success”. Now to be fair, I don’t know

Fall semester has begun! Welcome back students (faculty, and staff)! A new semester is an exciting time; new classes, new opportunities, and new exams! At ProctorFree we believe that a stress free exam experience for students is extremely crucial to success. Our main goal is to protect the integrity of exams while simultaneously keeping students stress

Jeffrey Kaplan just joined the team at ProctorFree as the Director of Partner Relations. Jeff recently moved to the area from the University of Florida where he was the Head Teaching Assistant and Program Associate at the Warrington College of Business Center of Entrepreneurship and Innovation. He graduated with his Master’s in Entrepreneurship in 2013