Good golly Miss Molly, we had so much fun at Campus Technology 2014 that we applied to present at Campus Tech’s Chicago Fall Forum in November and we got accepted! Jeffrey Kaplan, our Director of Partner Relations/me, will be giving a presentation titled Creating Culture in a Hybrid Class Through Social Media. This presentation will

Jeffrey Kaplan just joined the team at ProctorFree as the Director of Partner Relations. Jeff recently moved to the area from the University of Florida where he was the Head Teaching Assistant and Program Associate at the Warrington College of Business Center of Entrepreneurship and Innovation. He graduated with his Master’s in Entrepreneurship in 2013

  We are so excited for the Campus Technology 2014 Conference in Boston next week that we made a “Campus Technology 2014 in Boston Preview!” There are tons of cool things to do and see. From awesome presenters to a great roster of exhibitors, who knows where to begin? Have no fear, internet friend, we

A record low number of college freshmen are in their first school of choice. Enrolling choices are affected by the cost of top-tier elite colleges, causing students and their parents to choose what the may have previously considered to be second or third tier colleges. According to the UCLA Higher Education Research Institute, only 57%

An article in Harvard Business Review reflects on the usability and ultimate value of degrees as credentials. The debate has been raging on for ages. Some would argue that credentials such as degrees shouldn’t be the benchmark by which candidates are assessed by. Degrees don’t reflect real-life aptitudes and they cannot prove one’s hands-on implementation