Good golly Miss Molly, we had so much fun at Campus Technology 2014 that we applied to present at Campus Tech’s Chicago Fall Forum in November and we got accepted! Jeffrey Kaplan, our Director of Partner Relations/me, will be giving a presentation titled Creating Culture in a Hybrid Class Through Social Media. This presentation will

Cheating scandals have pushed universities to tighten their academic integrity policies, implement stricter proctoring practices and even introduce new or revised honor codes, all in an effort to discourage students from cheating and plagiarism. Even high-profile universities are not immune to cheating scandals. Harvard was one of many top tier colleges that got damaged by

Honor codes are meant to enhance student integrity and ensure colleges are regarded as communities of ethics-driven students. When honor codes permit non proctored exams, it doesn’t always work as the Middlebury Honor Code Review from last year illustrates. Students in the absense of a proctor don’t feel the need or see the purpose of reporting

In China, high school students are under a lot of pressure. Getting into college depends on students’ one-time performance at the annual college entrance exams. China, like many other countries, implements an educational system that prioritizes test performance and in some ways practices a “teach to the test” mentality. Inevitably, the increasing reliance on test

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Harvard University expelled around 70 students this month in response to a cheating scandal that rocked the university last year. In addition to the 70 students that were forced to withdraw, the media reports that around 100 additional students received disciplinary action as a result of their behavior. According to the New York Times, 279