As the cost of higher education in the U.S. continues to be a growing concern for students, some have begun to look outside of the country for a solution. One of the primary destinations for these budget-minded academics has been Germany. It is known for having both a strong tertiary education program, with 18 of

Poor enrollment has had many schools, both public and private; see an unprecedented decrease in their net tuition revenue. The latest Moody’s Investor Service survey reveals that universities’ tuition revenue cannot keep up with inflation. The economic recession is only now showing how deeply it has affected higher education. Before the recession, most universities would

Institutions may be pursuing the wrong avenue to entice students towards their campus. Recent studies have shown that students are more concerned with the college’s integrity and price, than an abundance of cool services. Concerns are coming into light about how much college debt is rising. Not only for students, but schools are also borrowing

A recent New York Times article covered the rapidly growing popularity of Massive Online Open Courses (MOOCs) such as Coursera, Udemy and edX. In four months Coursera had drawn in 1 million users, a faster launch then social media giants Facebook and Twitter. Coursera continues to experience growth with enrollment passing 2 millions students at