We're Hiring!

It is possible to make an impact and enjoy what you do each day. We are looking for motivated, fun and hard-working people to join our team.

Benefits of working at Proctorfree

- Be a part of a growth and building culture, we offer an environment with a compelling combination of freedom and ownership
- Meet other passionate engineers, designers, and entrepreneurs
- Insurance and benefit options that are built for both individuals and families, including company contributions
- High-quality equipment—we’ll make sure you have the tools to do your job effectively
- Ergonomic, electric standing desks
- Progressive flexibility in work schedule

Available Roles Below

What to expect during the interview process with us

Geared towards technical and full time positions - this is flexible

1. We Review Your Application

We will conduct at least a weekly review of application submissions, including yours. This includes us looking for relevancy in your background, skill set, and potential fit for the position.

2. Review of Previous Work

Ideally we will have the opportunity to review some example of previous work, work that you're proud of, or an example of code. We're not looking for a complicated thesis, just something to show and example of work, your skills, or something you have done previously.

If you have a personal website, blog, or GitHub account please share and those will suffice.

3. Phone Screening

We will conduct a 30 minute or less phone screening to get a better feel for your communication skills, background, and potential fit within our organization.

We may also discuss salary expectations, remote or distributed work, relocation, previous employment, what you want out of this experience or the next couple years, and more.

4. Technical Screening

We will conduct a technical phone screening that will last anywhere from 30-60 minutes. Be prepared to discuss your background and answer technical questions about your trade and the position you applied for.

7. In-Person Visit

We will arrange an in-person visit with you that will generally take 2-3 hours, and often have some of that time cover lunch. Many of the topics covered will be a continuation of previous discussions, allowing more time to go deeper and get to know each other better. Specific items we will discuss:

- Technical screening
- Salary expectations
- Previous experience

5. Homework

We will ask you to complete some kind of homework project. The more time you take the higher our expectation of quality will be.

We are not trying to come up with good ideas to waste your time. If we're asking you to do this, it's because we're interested in moving forward with you and want to get a better idea of how you work.

8. Offer

After your in-person visit and prior to an offer being extended, we will connect again for a phone call to ensure we are aligned and have a shared understanding about the position, and the opportunity for you to be successful here. We want to make sure any offer we extend contains no surprises and it's one that is mutually beneficial.

Once you accept your offer we work on some of the details below in the background to ensure a smooth start:

- Confirm general start date
- Pre-loaded in HR system
- Equipment needs fulfilled
- General and role specific accounts setup
- Announce/inform our team members
- General training plan created and shared with managers

6. Reference Check

We would appreciate the opportunity to speak with at least one reference at some point during this process.

9. You Start Your Next Chapter!

We make sure we stay in contact with you prior to your starting date to make sure everything is setup for a smooth transition onto our team. Once you're here we:

- Give tour and team introductions
- Share a training plan with you
- Execute the training plan together over the first two weeks
- We conduct weekly meetings for the first month and eventually -> transition to appropriate 1:1's with your team lead or manager