ProctorFree will be speaking at the 2014 Campus Technology Fall Forum in Chicago, IL.

ProctorFree is an automated, online exam proctoring solution that allows students to take exams from anywhere using the computers webcam and internet connection. We provide continuous identity verification while deploying an anti-cheating algorithm that monitors student behaviors and patterns during the exam.

We are on-demand meaning a student doesn’t have to deal with the stress of someone watching them via webcam or taking over their desktop.

24/7 access with no pre-scheduling or appointments required.

Fast and easy setup that students install with one click.

We understand the need to balance the cost of living and other education related expenses. You shouldn't have to waste money on gas driving to a proctoring center or pay for expensive online solutions.

ProctorFree is the most convenient and cost-effective option.

Full behavior reports sent directly to faculty via email with the ability to forward videos on to academic administration.

A fully customizable system that allows the faculty member to choose which behaviors to track and mark as a cheating behavior.

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Contact us to learn more about how we can help you maintain academic integrity in an online environment. You can also reach a member of our team by calling 855-759-6569.