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ProctorFree is a convenient solution for human resources professionals conducting online interviews, testing, or employee training. HR departments using ProctorFree can easily use our system to track and verify the identification of employees and potential hires. ProctorFree allows your company to cut costs and improve accuracy in your employee hiring and training processes.

Individuals only need three things:


(with standard internet connection)

Standard Microphone

Standard Webcam

Why Use ProctorFree?

We are on-demand meaning an employee or future hire can complete testing or interviews 24 hours a day, 7 days a week with no pre-scheduling or appointments required.

An employer no longer has to spend thousands of dollars flying potential hires in for testing and interviewing.

A fully customizable system that allows the human resources professionals to choose which behaviors to track.

Full behavior reports sent directly to your HR team via email with the ability to forward videos on to administration.

Fast and easy setup that individuals install with one click.

Our state-of-the-art system eliminates common proctor errors related to fatigue or proctor-to-student ratio. No human error means you receive a more effective report, faster.

ProctorFree Testimonials

Hear what our users, customers, and students are saying about ProctorFree
  • ProctorFree was exceptional and exceeded my expectations! If I need to take another proctored exam I would definitely use ProctorFree again!
  • I used a different exam proctor service before and it was a little creepy. I was curious how your product would compare and I must say that from what I’ve seen that it seems like a better product. Your algorithms make a student feel much better than a stranger watching you take a test for over an hour. Just to know you’re being watched the whole time by someone you don’t know makes it harder to take a test.
  • ProctorFree is a very beneficial type of software that should be incorporated with online and in-class environment. With this product provides many, instructors can save a significant amount of time when it comes to facilitating online exams because this software basically does it for you. Having it tell you that a student might be cheating after they have taken the exam, a instructor can go back to review any anomalies that may have occurred.
  • Its super easy in today’s world to access information through other devices and the services they offer to detect a student accessing these is amazing. I also think bringing this into the classroom would be very useful as well. Ive been in classes where cheating was happening on a massive scale with 8 grad students proctoring. Im not sure if they didn’t care or still weren’t aware. On individual would take the test that was really smart and pass the test trading for the others down the row with all answer circled and every one would do well. So I don’t think any environment is completely cheat free but this is way more efficient and a great deterrent knowing that its that advanced.
  • ProctorFree offers a solution to a long standing problem in academia. Cheating will always be an issue. At the very least a program like Proctor Free attempts to minimize those efforts.
  • I think that as our society approaches a more global community where students not only meet in person but also online, it may become necessary for services like ProctorFree to be needed in both. Many courses today utilize laptops in the classroom and should they need to do an online exam, ProctorFree could be a nice alternative to having several graduate students proctor. In that instance only one may be needed to facilitate questioning or support issues. For the online portions, the environment is necessary because the chances for cheating do slope upward compared to their in-person counterparts.
  • I believe that utilizing facial and voice recognition gives proctor free a competitive advantage.
  • We are experiencing a very crucial change in how we learn as a society, and companies like ProctorFree are needed in assuring that transition. Having traditional testing schemes that are based off the fact that they are taken in person may need to be modified in order to online. I believe that traditional exams may not be the best way to evaluate learning online. Perhaps an entirely different means is needed. Those means will come as we fully learn what online learning’s capacity and place is. Until then, we need ProctorFree to provide safety as we explore those frontiers.
  • There is a need for such identification software for online testing purposes, especially when looking at increasing percentage of students who cheat online.
  • Online courses are considered to be less valuable than in-class courses (because it is easier to cheat and students may be less committed to this kind of courses since they don’t necessarily have to go to class or work on assignments every week). If my academic records are stamped as “ProctorFree Certified”, it will look better for me when applying for jobs. Employers can be sure that I passed the online classes with my own work and without cheating.

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