Identity and Financial Aid Fraud is a Problem

The U.S. Inspector General from the Department of Education has audited higher education distance learning programs and has found that additional safeguards are needed to prevent financial aid fraud.

What do you need to know about Title IV fraud as it applies to the distance learning landscape?

U.S. DoE Inspector General Report 1 Highlights

  1. Between 2009-2012 financial aid fraud went up 82%
  2. 85,000 people potentially participated
  3. $874 Million dollars was disbursed during this period

U.S. DoE Inspector General Report 2 Highlights

A second report from the The U.S. Department of Education Inspector General found that rules regarding identity verification in distance education programs "do not sufficiently mitigate the risk of fraud, abuse, and noncompliance."

So What Does This Mean? What Can You Do About It?

ProctorFree has a solution to this rising issue to best comply with the report’s regulations and guidance to sufficiently mitigate the risk of fraud and noncompliance. Student authentication is a core competency of ProctorFree and something we've been focusing on since day one.

The Student Authentication Problem

How do you ensure that the student who enrolled in an online course is the same student participating in the course and receiving academic credit?

The Student Authentication Solution

ProctorFree provides student authentication solutions for today’s online education environment. Our technology serves as a bridge to verify that your students are in fact real and are the same students that enrolled in your online courses.

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