Look no further for a convenient, affordable alternative to taking exams in the classroom or a testing center. ProctorFree proctors your exam online using a computer’s standard webcam and microphone, in addition to an internet connection.

User Friendly

Educators who know the needs of students and faculty built ProctorFree. Our system can be downloaded within minutes. We can easily integrate with your Learning Management System (LMS) or operate outside of the LMS so you don’t have to worry about messy integrations or where your test is managed.

24/7 Availability


No need to schedule an exam. We’re on-demand. Just launch ProctorFree and you can test immediately. Once the test is complete, we send an immediate report to your professor so there’s no waiting for results.


We only collect the most basic information we need to run our software and use the highest levels of industry security protocols using secure servers to protect the test takers. ProctorFree is also FERPA compliant.

Cost Effective

No more paying for expensive face-to-face proctors. Our scalable solution costs less, which helps you save money.

Completely Customizable


Do you want students to use an open book? What about letting them view certain websites that relate to the test? Or, maybe you want to make sure a student isn’t copying or pasting. You decide. As a professor, you can customize ProctorFree’s settings to monitor exactly what you want.

Data Storage

Professors can review video and audio within minutes of a student completing an exam. In fact, we send you a report to suggest what specific things you should review in the video or audio. We maintain and protect the data for as long as you require.

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