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The future is logging in: Online credentials are here to stay

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed the way we learn. We’re seeing that play out in schools now, as the fall semester gets underway. But the pandemic has also impacted the pursuit of other credentials, such as licenses and certifications.  With unemployment at record levels, many workers are using this time to beef up their skills. […]

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MIT Online Education Policy Initiative

This month the Online Education Policy Initiative at MIT released a study done on how to further education in all aspects, with a focus on online education. The study has four focus zones: interdisciplinary collaboration, online educational technologies, learning engineers, and institutional/organizational change. The overarching message of the study is that while all fields are […]

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Do Today’s MOOC’s Run the Risk of Losing Their Creativity?

Connectivism and Connective Knowledge is considered the first MOOC ever offered. This was back in 2008. Five years later and MOOC is a household term. A student in Calcutta India and another in Stockholm Sweden, can at the same time enroll in the course Fundamentals of NeuroScience, Part 1, or for that matter, any other […]

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The MOOC Challenge: Squeezing a 4-year BA in a 12-month crash program

Jonathan Haber and Scott Young are testing out the efficiency, integrity, and ultimate usefulness of MOOCs. Jonathan Haber documents in his blog, Degree of Freedom, his attempt to complete a 4-year Liberal Arts BA exclusively through online learning in just twelve months. Scott Young has previously —and successfully — done a similar experiment, although a […]

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The University of Wisconsin-Madison offers its own free MOOCs

The University of Wisconsin-Madison offers for the first time four pilot MOOCs.The UW’s initiative is the result of a partnership agreed upon with MOOC provider Coursera. The latter is one of the leading MOOC providers, offering to thousands of people free access to top university courses. The UW seeks to complement and strengthen the education […]

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MOOC-Ed Brings Open Online Course Availability to Educators

With the rising popularity of Massive Open Online Course – or MOOC – classes for students, it is only fitting that educators be able to learn new tricks of the trade the same way. A MOOC-Ed – that is, MOOC for Educators – has become available, bringing educators flexible ways to improve not only student results […]

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Could MOOC Courses Give Reasoning to Cut Funding to State Universities?

Massive open online course or MOOC, is a free online course with extremely large class sizes, where students individually participate in learning from a well-established professor via an online platform like Coursera. However, MOOCs aren’t like any other online course. MOOCs are designed to create a community with students and professors through online content like […]

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SPOC’s Slip onto the MOOC Scene

With the immense popularity of the learning opportunities provided by MOOC’s, there is no wonder why some universities have begun to look at more exclusive versions of the program. Harvard is launching the next generation of online classes with SPOC – or Small Private Online Courses. The desire to take a MOOC from Harvard has […]

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The true impact of MOOCs: Penn State University assesses their MOOC experience

The Penn State University’s five MOOCs offered through Coursera, attracted more than 300,000 sign-ups, a number that surprised the MOOCs faculty. Students weren’t the only ones getting something out of these MOOCs, the professors gained valuable insights from the MOOC teaching experience. The students’ increased and unprecedented engagement showed that the free online learning model […]

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As Technology Advances So Does Cheating

Cut-and-paste might still be popular among students, but the rise of Massive Open Online Courses forced students to come up with new, ingenious ways of cheating. Dr. Bernand Bull, professor of Educational Design and Technology at Concordia University, examined in his educators-targeted MOOC, “Understanding Cheating In Online Courses”, and the many dark aspects of academic […]