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Looking Beyond COVID-19: Four Trends Shaping Higher Education

With vaccine administration up and running, higher education has reached a critical turning point in pandemic response. Last spring, several colleges and universities turned to virtual offerings, en masse, to keep faculty and students safe and in compliance with coronavirus mitigation measures. Now, with the next normal on the horizon, educational bodies are being made […]

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The Power of Proctoring Partnerships: Gauge by

Education is a team effort. ProctorFree is proud to partner with Gauge by to enhance online exams with automated, on-demand proctoring. Together, this partnership allows organizations to quickly author and administer training content, tests, and certifications online with no complex requirements. ProctorFree’s software integrates seamlessly with Gauge to provide test administrators with identity management […]

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Meet Suzanne: A fireside chat with ProctorFree’s new COO

Delivering education is a team effort, and our team just got stronger. At the end of last year, we welcomed Suzanne Flynn Speece to join us as our new chief operating officer. As COO, Suzanne will play a crucial role in the future of our platform. With experience across numerous tech platforms, she brings a […]

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ProctorFree names new COO

ProctorFree is proud to announce Suzanne Flynn Speece has been named chief operating officer.  Speece, most recently the COO of training recruitment firm Tech Talent South, assumed the role in December 2020. At ProctorFree, Speece will oversee key initiatives around structuring the company for growth as the demand for ProctorFree’s software platform has increased substantially […]

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Working with AWS: How we leverage superior technology

At ProctorFree, we are proud to help educational institutions around the world deliver quality remote education by providing them with on-demand intelligent proctoring. To do quality work, it’s important that we, too, align with quality partners. That’s why we use Amazon Web Services as our technology partner.  AWS is the leading provider of cloud computing […]

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Keeping it simple: Why transparency is our priority

Education is built on mutual respect. And respect is nothing without transparency.  Transparency is a hallmark of the work we do at ProctorFree. Similar to how a professor prepares a syllabus to convey a clear set of principles, we’ve organized our business practices to ensure open, honest communication among all parties. Here are some examples […]

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Preparing for the online proctoring reality

Taking a test is stressful under normal circumstances. That anxiety is bound to increase if students are confronted with complex technology systems or a lack of information about how to navigate the new virtual learning environment. That’s why our first recommendation to institutions is to keep an open line of communication with test takers and […]

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The future is logging in: Online credentials are here to stay

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed the way we learn. We’re seeing that play out in schools now, as the fall semester gets underway. But the pandemic has also impacted the pursuit of other credentials, such as licenses and certifications.  With unemployment at record levels, many workers are using this time to beef up their skills. […]

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The age of online exams

2020 will surely go down in history as a year when humanity was put to the test. The novel coronavirus pandemic has introduced a worldwide wave of mass disruption and digital transformation, the likes of which we have never seen before. As academic and business leaders rush to conform to brand-new norms, online exams have […]

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NWEA says investing in online proctoring is priority #1

COVID-19 has disrupted nearly every aspect of society, and education is no exception.    While many hoped the public health ramifications would wind down by fall and that students would be able to return to school like normal, it has become clear this is not the case. So, as we approach the 2020-21 school year, […]