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Why Online Proctoring Works for Administrators in Higher Education

A Cure for Online Education Pain

Online education is beneficial to both traditional and nontraditional students and higher education institutions. But, administrators sometimes struggle to find edtech solutions that are a perfect fit for their institution. As a result, their online education programs can suffer. The right online proctoring solution ensures that online learning pathways thrive. By implementing our customizable solution that can scale to any institution type, administrators have a cure for their online education pain.

Administrators juggle the needs of their faculty, students, and staff on a daily basis. ProctorFree provides a solution that fits the needs of all users and impacted university departments. ProctorFree integrates with the most popular Learning Management Systems; including Blackboard, Canvas, and Brightspace by D2L. Throughout the setup and integration, our dedicated ProctorFree Account Management team lends support to administrators and instructors.

Administrators constantly adapt to the needs of their student population. ProctorFree is designed to enhance the online assessment experience for all students. Students launch ProctorFree directly from the LMS. And, our professional support team is available to help students throughout the ProctorFree journey. With a technology tool designed to be as user-friendly as possible, institution leaders create a better online learning experience for students.

While balancing the needs of faculty, students, and staff, administrators also seek ways to ensure that data is protected. That is why we offer state-of-the-art security and privacy protections, and limit the personal student information that we collect and store.

Our remedy is not something that will cause administrators to lose sleep because of how much they are spending to implement a solution. ProctorFree offers a low per-exam session fee and flexible pricing options to ensure we can fit the needs of each partner.

ProctorFree is the cure for online education pain that every administrator seeks. Want to learn more about why online proctoring works in higher education for students, faculty, and administrators? Contact us or Register Now for our October 27, 2016, Fall Webinar, “Proctoring Online Exams with Confidence.”