Enhance Your Certification with ProctorFree

By implementing a proctoring solution, you ensure brand integrity and quality in a convenient, candidate-friendly format.

Proctoring allows you to provide answers to important accreditation and compliance questions, while protecting exam content and intellectual property.

Make testing more convenient for your members

Wide range of support
Our online proctoring software easily supports:
  • Placement Testing,
  • Professional Certifications and Licenses, and
  • Continuing Education Credits/Testing
  • Reduce expenses

    Eliminate the cost of brick and mortar testing centers and remote proctoring agreements that require large upfront commitments and long term limits, with a simple, automated solution. ProctorFree eliminates the hassles associated with traditional proctoring, and we do it at a fraction of the cost. 

    Solutions tailored to your needs

    Our platform allows your organization to focus on what is important to you. Whether it be secure exam delivery, identification of a test taker, easy-to-use proctoring, or all of the above. You choose which outcomes are important to you and our team will ensure a smooth launch for both test administrators and candidates. All stakeholders should be able to easily interact with the proctoring provider and we ensure that happens. As an organization you will be able to track and record the testing environment with continuous identity verification occurring at all times. Full proctoring reports are made available directly to your organization, with the ability to maintain an audit trail, as needed.

    Why ProctorFree?

    We believe if one can improve the delivery of education, one can positively impact society. ProctorFree is designed with educators, administrators, and directors in mind. Our online proctoring solution facilitates successful proctoring, ensuring integrity during exams. Contact us today to learn how ProctorFree can elevate your online testing environment.